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Forum was held the first year of the province of Nineveh

Within plan Altahreer Association for Development (T.A.D) in the return of life to the liberated areas and to support civil society organizations and teams of volunteer and sponsored by Youth Organization NED (NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR DEMOCRACY).
14/02/2017 in Arbil at the Crystal Hotel , Forum was held the first year of the province of Nineveh, under the title
(the role of civil society in the post-conflict phase and Rebuilding ) in the presence of a lot of difference volunteer youth and civil society organizations and academics from the province of Nineveh , Forum included several events and t was the beginning Mr. “Abdul Aziz al-Jarba”, Executive Manager For Altahreer Organization, definition of the project and the role of the Association, then introduced to the guests Forum Mr. “Hussein Zainal” ( council member in township Baashiqah) and converse about the size of the damage in Baashiqah area, then converse Dr. Raad Alabbasi (employee at the United Nations) about the role of youth teams and volunteer work, and then was opened for discussion with the audience to find out the main priorities and needs, which contributes to the return of life to the province of Nineveh, and vote on three priorities, AlTahreer Association for development will to supported youth teams to work on the implementation of the three priorities that got alot of Result of the vote.

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