Altahreer Association

AL Tahreer is an NGO,non-profit  working in the field of support for democracy and peace-building.

Our Activites

Works is still continuing in the east of Hamdaniyah

Al-Tahreer Association is still there.
Within the project (Cash For Work) supported by (Oxfam) Organization, Works is still continuing to advance the reality service and for youth employmentIn 8 regions in the east of Hamdaniyah and 4 camps (Khazer – Hassan Sham 1 – Hassan Sham 3 – Hassan Sham

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Began activities and events in the project for the child-friendly space (CFS)

Al-Tahreer Association for Development supported by (UNICEF) within the project of a child-friendly space (CFS) began activities and events in the village of Tlyara and the presences (200) child from different age groups, and also a Altahreer team gone to their families and provided them with psychological awareness such as;

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complemented the second phase of the project (Cash for work)

Altahreer Association For Development supported by (oxfam) organization complemented the second phase of the project (Cash for work) started today the activities assembling teams and distributed to groups in the targeted areas clean and work rehabilitation of buildings after the exposure by the previous military operations of destruction which are

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Our fingerprints on the lives we touch never fade

Be The Change

Who We Are

  • To support and strengthen community participation in political process and communication with legislative and executive institutions.
  • To increase transparency and accountability of governmental and legislative institutions’ activities so as to enhance their performance.
  • To build peace, spread dialogue culture and peaceful coexistence in the community.
  • To build and develop organizational capacities for Local CSO/NGO and enable them to act independently and at high professionalism.